About us

Tecnology increases its great influence on people that are in the range of every age each day and this influence changes people’s lifestyle,habbits,entertaintment choices, hobby spaces and provides a variety of activities and works to do.

These activities and works provides different facilities and creates new activities and new fields.One of the activity that tecnology created is the games. Games are no longer an essential part of our developing world. As a firm named FGS GLOBAL,we try to provide the entertaintment needs of people in gaming field. We started to work in gaming field in 2015 with a strong eagerness and powerful,idealist goals.We aim to be a prominent,innovator and developer firm that focuses on games in the world.

We increase our actions and potential in a great speed thank to our professional and experienced sales executives.We always try to be aware of the current affairs in the gaming field. We list our priorities and form all of them.And we plan every detail in our work because we know that we have to work professionaly to achieve our goals.Then, we step forward to provide all needs according to our marketing researchs that are searched by our professional team.Customer satisfactions of our firm exactly show that we are on the right way to complete our goals.


Drastically reduce the time it takes to get quote from every company and use our smart price determinator which is gathering price data every 3 hours from main markets.

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